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Dorset Film Office News
Derek Parsons Derek Parsons

Derek Parsons

Co Producer on 'Gone To Ground'

An interview with Derek Parsons, Co Producer on 'Gone To Ground'

What drew you to producing this script?

Having read an early draft which made me laugh and cry, I simply had to be part of this great project.

What has your experience like while working on this feature?

The experience was amazing.  The best part was the people.  They worked so hard and professionally.  An inspiration.

Deanna Dewey Deanna Dewey

Deanna Dewey

Director of DEAD FRED and Skullz

An interview with Hampshire based Director Deanna Dewey


Where did the inspiration for the stories and characters develop from?

For ‘Dead Fred’ the script was already there but I worked on the writer for about a year.

For ‘Skullz’ I wrote the original script many years ago from a tale of a crystal skull.  Another writer came on board to help me bring it into 2019.