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Dorset Film Office News
James Willcocks James Willcocks

James Willcocks

Bournemouth University - Boom Operator Work Placement

An interview with James Willcocks from Bournemouth University covering a Work Placement with 'Gone To Ground'


Charlotte Straw Charlotte Straw

Charlotte Straw

Bournemouth University - Script Supervisor Work Placement

An interview with Charlotte Straw studying Film and Television at Bournemouth University

Despite carrying out a variety of roles on short films within and outside of university (producing, writing and script-supervising), ‘Gone To Ground’ is the first feature film I have ever had the pleasure of working on. 

Danielle Law Danielle Law

Danielle Law

Make-Up Artist onset for 'Gone To Ground'

An interview with Danielle Law, Film and TV Make-Up Artist

My role involves getting to grips and understanding what is required for Make-Up.  When it is clear what is expected from make-up for each scene, it is then a case of applying make-up looks to a high standard, making sure it flows in sequence with the film.

Typically we are given a call sheet, ideally the day before so it is clear what time we are expected to start work / be on set. 

Derek Parsons Derek Parsons

Derek Parsons

Co Producer on 'Gone To Ground'

An interview with Derek Parsons, Co Producer on 'Gone To Ground'

What drew you to producing this script?

Having read an early draft which made me laugh and cry, I simply had to be part of this great project.

What has your experience like while working on this feature?

The experience was amazing.  The best part was the people.  They worked so hard and professionally.  An inspiration.