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Dorset Film Office News
Rumpy Pumpy Rumpy Pumpy

Rumpy Pumpy

Feature Film - British Comedy

As two very different worlds collide it becomes a case of Tea and Crumpets! 'Calendar Girls' meets 'Band of Gold' meets 'Sweet Charity'

When two brave ladies from the Hampshire Women's Institute, Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels, decide to campaign for the total decriminalisation of Prostitution and to improve conditions for Working Girls everywhere.

Black Russian Black Russian

Black Russian

Feature Film - British Crime Thriller

East meets West… in this clash of the gangsters!

Black Russian - Incarcerated for seventeen years- Frank leaves prison to discover that his boss and mentor Marco Lanza is no longer cock of the walk.

The only way ahead is to break the Rusky firm or steal their diamonds and run for the hills.

Vindication Swim Vindication Swim

Vindication Swim

Feature Film (Based on a true story)

After successfully battling 1920s patriarchal British society, a swimmer is forced to fight a rival in order to retain her record as the first English woman to swim the Channel.


In the shadow of WW1, swimmer Mercedes Gleitze fights to overcome the patriarchal society of 1920s England, along with her troubled coach, to become the first English woman to swim the Channel.



The Road To Ashvem The Road To Ashvem

The Road To Ashvem

Feature Film - Romantic Comedy

Hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy about backpacking. Joseph and Samantha clash horribly on the plane to India and are determined to follow their own very separate paths, but India has other ideas and keeps throwing them together. As their respective journeys change them, they find themselves more and more attracted to each other.

Samantha Mann is a fiercely independent 25-year-old who is more sensitive than she lets on. Leaving her job as a firefighter, she follows a spiritual calling to Mumbai and a famous guru she hopes will provide a cure for the endometrial cancer she has been diagnosed with.


High Water High Water

High Water

Feature Film - Thriller

A journalist returns to Brighton to investigate the drug-related death of his estranged son, revealing a trail of murder and intrigue that leads back those closest to him.

Journalist Vince Sand returns to Brighton following death of his estranged son Jake. The official story just doesn't add up, and his direct investigation gets him nowhere. Vince must play it smart as he steps into the world of drug dealing and homelessness in his attempt to uncover the truth about his Jake's death. Over the next four nights he travels through the layer of society "beneath the floorboards".